Hill Harper: “Poisoning People Is Wrong”

July 2, 2018

Source: Orange County Post

Attorneys from Napoli Shkolnik PLLC came to the City of Newburgh this week and appealed to the public, encouraging them to sign up as part of a Class Action Lawsuit against City of Newburgh and the manufacturers of firefighting foam (the source of toxic PFO’s (perfluoroctanes). The attorneys said they are not including the Air Force in this suit, so anyone in the Air Force can join the class action suit. An added concern was that because Newburgh is an enlarged school district, children even from far off neighborhoods as well as visiting sports teams may have been affected. The suit will also seek compensation for loss of value of personal property and personal injury. Residential remedies may be included as well, to protect against future issues. PFC’s have been “linked” to numerous kinds of cancer, most often testicular, kidney disease, thyroid cancer, immune disorders and recently added concerns by the CDC of attention deficit disorders, ulcers and preclampsia.

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