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Forbes Quotes Paul Napoli On Opioid Crisis

March 16, 2018

Source: Forbes

The judge's decision not to stay the lawsuits increases the pressure on manufacturers and wholesalers to either win dismissal of these cases or prepare for an accelerated trial schedule. Under New York law, municipal plaintiffs have priority in setting their cases for trial, said Paul Napoli of Napoli Shkolnik, the private law firm representing many of the counties under contingency fee contracts. “The judge has done what judges around the country have consistently done,” Napoli said. “The first hurdle the drug companies are seeking — a stay — is not appropriate for these circumstances and unwarranted.” Napoli said at least 500 of the nation’s 3,200 counties have sued and plaintiff lawyers hope to soon get that number to 1,500, which some lawyers consider critical mass for a settlement.

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