Federal Lawsuit Filed Against Suffolk County Officers

September 8, 2022

As reported by Litigation Reporter Brian Lee, the lawsuit claims police conducted a warrantless search and charged a disabled man for possessing medication for which he had a prescription.

Chief Trial Counsel for the firm, Heather Palmore, said the encounter that her client experienced with Suffolk County officers was "humiliating, emotionally distressing and physically painful."

Surveillance footage was secured and Mr. Lucas also began to record the interaction on Facebook Live. The officers approached Mr. Waverly at a Gulf Gas station in Wyandach and asked for his identification. Mr. Waverly objected to this request without a lawful basis.

Physical force was used against a non-resisting Mr. Lucas, with his prosthetic leg being ripped from his body and thrown into the back of the patrol car. Mr. Lucas also suffered from a broken eye socket and his prosthesis is missing and has not be returned to this day.


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