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Defendants Try Delay Tactic in Portland (ME) Opioid Lawsuit

August 2, 2018

Source: CBS13 WGME

Drug companies are trying to move Portland's lawsuit over the opioid crisis to a federal court in Ohio - a maneuver lawyers for the city call a stalling tactic. The city is challenging these moves in its effort to keep the case over the mounting financial and human toll of the opioid crisis in a state court. It's among many similar jurisdictional battles playing out nationally and appears to shed light on how drug companies are fighting hundreds of lawsuits over their alleged role in a national public health crisis. "This is nothing but a delay tactic by the opioid companies to have the city of Portland's case transferred to a federal court in Ohio," Paul Napoli of Napoli Shkolnik PLLC and local counsel said.

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