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City of Dayton Files PFAS Contamination Lawsuit

October 4, 2018

Source: ABC22 NOW

The City of Dayton announced Wednesday that it has filed a lawsuit against companies in connection with chemicals that were found in the city's water supply. In February, the city found elevated levels of PFAS in the water supply near Huffman Dam, which is near Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Since then, officials have been working with the base and the Ohio EPA to monitor the levels in the water. Napoli Shkolnik PLLC, a New York law firm with experience with both the chemicals and manufacturers, has been hired to lead the lawsuit. "We settled earlier this year for $850 million with the 3M company,” said attorney Paul Napoli “It's not uncommon for the cost associated with remediating PFAS to be in the range of ten to twenty million dollars a well." Napoli said there are 180 wells in Dayton, so the damages could be “significant.”

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