Central Maine Power Customers Sue Over Being Overcharged

July 20, 2018

Source: Portland Press Herald

About 97,000 CMP customers saw their monthly bills increase by 50 percent or more in December, January or February over the same month a year earlier, according to information that the company provided to the state Public Utilities Commission in April. The law firms contend that another 200,000 customers have been overcharged by up to 50 percent. Napoli Shkolnik, along with two other law firms, are representing clients to bring relief and compensation to the CMP customers for their overpayment. The complaint lists CMP customer Mark Levesque of Scarborough as the lead plaintiff in the lawsuit.
“In addition to giving customers the cold shoulder, CMP intentionally misrepresented to customers and the public that the new billing system and meters were not the cause of the outrageously high bills,” the complaint says.
The complaint alleges that CMP’s transition to a new billing system led to dramatic increases in customer bills that were “financially devastating for many customers.” It also accuses CMP of doing little to address the problem despite knowing early on that there were issues with its billing and metering systems.  

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