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Cattaraugus County Consider Opioid Law

March 13, 2018

Source: Salmanca Press

Cattaraugus County lawmakers will hold a public hearing Wednesday on a proposed local law declaring the heroin/opioid crisis, which has gripped the county for the past several years, a public nuisance. The county has retained the New York City personal injury law firm Napoli Shkolnik, which represents Niagara County and several other counties across the state in a class action lawsuit against drug manufacturers and distributors accused of contributing to the heroin/opioid crisis. State statistics show 14 Cattaraugus County residents died of heroin/opioid overdoses in both of the last two years. Dozens of people who overdosed were saved from death by Narcan, a heroin/opioid antidote. The heroin/opioid addiction problems in the county mirrors that in other upstate counties.

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