Bloomberg Quotes Paul Napoli on PFAS Contamination

November 4, 2021

Source: Bloomberg

Originally many of the cases targeted 3M and DuPont, but increasingly companies like Lockheed Martin Corp., Tyco Fire Products LP, and Wolverine that allegedly purchased, used, and released PFAS, are being sued. When medical testing is granted, the results of subsequent tests can support later individual injury claims if disease manifests, said Paul Napoli, of Paul Napoli Law PLLC, who’s representing plaintiffs in the multidistrict firefighting foam and other PFAS litigation. One characteristic some PFAS have—their ability to remain in the body for years—makes it easier to prove exposure than with other chemicals, he said.

Making the Connection

But making the connection between the chemicals and disease isn’t as simple or clear as connecting asbestos exposure to the lung disease mesothelioma, Napoli said. As scientists continue studying the links between PFAS and disease, Napoli  and others think attorneys will be able to connect the dots and convince courts to grant monitoring even in the absence of current injury. Download

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