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Bloomberg Law Quotes Paul Napoli on PFAS Lawsuits

June 21, 2022

Source: Bloomberg Law

Corporations including 3M Co., Chemguard Inc., Kidde-Fenwal Inc., National Foam Inc., and Dynax Corp. are now being sued at roughly the same rate as DuPont, according to a Bloomberg Law analysis of more than 6,400 PFAS-related lawsuits filed in federal courts between July 2005 and March 2022. The biggest question is what manufacturers knew about the dangers of PFAS and when they knew it, according to Paul Napoli, one of the plaintiffs’ co-lead counsels in the firefighting MDL. “The deeper you dig, the more insidious it is—the more you learn how much these companies, these manufacturers knew about their potential health concerns and the actual health concerns,” Napoli said. Download

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