Daily News: John Ramsey’s Quest for Vindication

February 11, 2019

Source: New York Daily News

John Ramsey's was paroled, and now his quest to overturn his conviction has reached a crucial point. Napoli Shkolnik Civil Rights attorney Craig Phemister agreed to put some of the firm’s resources behind Ramsey’s case. They first convinced the Brooklyn DA’s Conviction Review Unit to open an investigation into Ramsey’s conviction, and then they got an unredacted version of the arrest report that his trial attorney had never seen. CRU acknowledged that the arrest report should have been turned over, but refused to recommend Ramsey’s conviction be overturned. “It was extremely disappointing and frustrating to learn of CRU’s decision not to recommend overturning Ramsey’s case after waiting nearly two years for their determination,” Phemister said. “This case is the very definition of a wrongful conviction.”

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