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In the United States, nearly all workers are protected by state and federal labor laws. These laws are designed to protect workers by setting limits on employers regarding how long workers can be made to work, minimum pay requirements, and other considerations. These laws lay out the duties and obligations that employers and employees have in their work relationship. They are focused on ensuring the safety of the workers, while promoting fair treatment, as well The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) is the federal law that is designed to protect most full-time and part-time workers. In only limited situations does the FLSA not apply to a worker. The FLSA defines:
  • A nationwide minimum wage,
  • Worker eligibility requirements for overtime compensation,
  • Rules for record keeping for employers, and
  • Rules concerning child labor laws.
While the FLSA is federal law, each state has the ability to impose stronger safeguards for workers through state labor laws. This means that if you have a labor dispute with your employer, the laws that apply to your case will be based at least in part on whatever state your dispute is located in. The variances in labor laws from state to state can be tough to navigate, and that is why it is important that you have an experienced labor law attorney working by your side. The labor lawyers at Napoli Shkolnik, PLLC are ready and available to help you with your labor law issues. State labor laws can impose stricter requirements on employers, or additional requirements on employers, when it comes to governing labor issues. For example, in addition to the minimum requirements set forth by the FLSA, state labor laws can address issues such as:
  • State minimum wage rates, which can be higher than federally mandated minimums.
  • Hours that workers can be required to work.
  • Payment of wages and wage supplements.
  • Minimum paid rest periods.
  • Minimum meal periods or break periods during work hours.
  • Payday requirements.
  • Child labor.
  • Farm labor.

Napoli Shkolnik, PLLC Brings Class Action Against Quest Diagnostics for FLSA Violations

Napoli Shkolnik, PLLC is responsible for bringing a class action lawsuit in the Southern District of New York against Quest Diagnostic, ExamOne LLC, and ExamOne World Wide Inc. on behalf of Maria Vecchio alleging violations of the FLSA and New York State labor laws. Ms. Vecchio’s class action suit alleges that Quest and its subsidiaries:
  • Did not properly pay her the New York minimum wage nor the overtime that she earned,
  • Failed to maintain accurate records concerning Ms. Vecchio’s time worked,
  • Did not pay Ms. Vecchio in a timely manner, and
  • Failed to reimburse Ms. Vecchio for the necessary work-related expenses that she had accrued.
Others who are in a similar situation to Ms. Vecchio should consider joining her class action lawsuit against Quest Diagnostic and its subsidiaries. Those individuals who have had similar experiences within the past six years may be eligible to join the class. If you have any questions, are interested in joining the class action, or have questions about your own labor dispute, you can reach out the the labor lawyers at Napoli Shkolnik, PLLC today. Contact us today.

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