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If you were arrested by detective Joseph Franco or if police officer Joseph Franco was connected in your case in any way, contact us for a free consultation immediately as you have a limited amount of days to file your claim against the city.

Civil Rights Notice: Bronx DA tosses 133 more cases tied to ex-NYPD detective accused of framing innocent people

Former NYPD detective Joseph Franco is accused of framing innocent people in his cases, and has already been indicted for perjury in Manhattan. Cases connected to Franco were previously dismissed in Brooklyn and Manhattan, and Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark already dismissed 124 cases previously. More than 250 cases are still under review, according to a statement sent by Clark’s office. If your arrest was at any way connected to Franco, please contact us.

You have rights afforded to you by the United States Constitution and The New York State Constitution. Those rights extend to when you are encountering the police, a corrections officer or any government official/municipal official. Some of these encounters may represent a horrible moment or experience in your life for which you deserve to be justly compensated. 

These experiences may include false arrests (if you were arrested and never had to go to court or if it was dismissed at arraignment);

  • false imprisonments;
  • assault;
  • battery and excessive force (including police and correction officer brutality)
  • malicious prosecution (if your case was dismissed before trial or if you were forced to go through a trial and were found not guilty/acquitted);
  • unconstitutional conditions of confinement (including inmate on inmate fighting; time in solitary confinement or other instances where the correction officers engage in psychological warfare or physical abuse);
  • delayed medical treatment or deliberate indifference to your medical needs;
  • injuries that occurred while you were incarcerated due to the negligence or recklessness of the facility (such as slashings, slip and falls, improper cell extractions, objects swallowed in food, etc.);
  • pepper or chemical spray incidents causing injuries;
  • retaliatory infractions while in jail or prison, including baseless misbehavior reports which lead to punishments or loss of privileges;
  • due process violations;
  • wrongful death of a loved one while he or she was in custody; and/or
  • wrongful or unjust convictions or convictions that have recently been overturned.

If you believe you have been wronged in any way and that there have been civil rights violations committed against you, you have a limited amount of time to file your notice of claim or notice of intention to file a claim on the responsible party whether it is a City, County or State of New York. Do not delay in calling us for a free consultation! 

Contact us today to speak with one of our civil rights lawyers. Our civil rights attorneys will fight zealously on your behalf regardless of if you were violated in your neighborhood, at a police precinct, in a court of law or while incarcerated or detained in jail or prison. We are ready to seek justice on your behalf.

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