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Toxic Waste and Spills

“Old Smokey,” a city incinerator located in Miami’s Coconut Grove neighborhood, spewed toxic incinerator ash on to the surrounding neighborhood from the 1920’s until it was shut down by a court order in 1970.   Recent investigations have revealed that Old Smokey’s impact to the community, schools and parks, is still felt today, decades later,  because no effort was ever made to assess the contamination or clean it up, and because the City used incinerator ash as fill to create many neighborhood parks, some adjacent to schools. Incinerator ash contains arsenic, lead and other heavy metals that can cause a myriad of health condition, as well as several cancers decades after exposure.

Napoli Shkolnik PLLC, in partnership with the University of Miami’s Center for Ethics and Public Service Environmental Justice Clinic and other local counsel, represent current and former community members whose health and property have been impacted by Old Smokey’s toxic incinerator ash.

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Old Smokey

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