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Environmental law is really a body of intertwining, overlapping and sometimes conflicting federal, state, and local environmental laws and regulations designed to protect the air, soil, and water of the environment, as well as the health of people and their property from environmental hazards. While various federal, state, or local environmental health and safety agencies enforce these laws, these bureaucrats rarely obtain compensation for injured individuals. So, when contamination occurs, the persons affected must usually partner with an environmental lawyer to obtain restitution for their injuries, such as the loss of a loved one, medical bills, lost wages, or property damage.

Because environmental law can be complex and the companies which cause these hazards often have excellent attorneys and near limitless financial resources with which to fight claims, those who suffer contamination of their property or adverse health conditions caused by exposure to environmental hazards need representation by Paul J. Napoli or another environmental litigation lawyer at Napoli Shkolnik PLLC. You can trust our experience and commitment to our clients.

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Our environmental lawyers recently represented 23 Long Island water districts that suffered contamination of their water wells by Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether (MTBE), a gasoline additive, after gasoline spills and seepage polluted the aquifer. Paul Napoli and his team forced the responsible big oil companies to pay victims more than $50 million.

A current focus of our law firm is the representation of people with health conditions related to environmental hazards from natural gas and oil exploration, including those affected by water well or property contamination by natural gas migration and hydraulic fracturing-related toxins. We also represent people suffering from cancer or other illnesses related to radiation exposure, such as residents near the Nuclear Fuel Services facility in Erwin, Tennessee.

Environmental HAZARDS

Despite environmental laws, or in many cases due to a lack of them, countless Americans suffer from cancer and other health conditions because of exposure to environmental hazards like asbestos, chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides, and radiation. This unwanted contact has caused Americans to have increasing environmental health and safety concerns about their communities.

Environmental hazards can cause serious illnesses or even death among children and adults living in areas where there is contamination by spillage, seepage, emissions, runoff, or improper disposal of waste, chemicals, toxins, radiation, biologicals, or heavy metals. Communities that are close to many manufacturing, transportation, and storage industries mines, oil, and gas exploration efforts, some farms, and waste management companies are particularly at risk.

The emergence of a cancer cluster or disease cluster, an occurrence of a certain disease in a group of people, or an area or period of time that is higher than the expected number of cases, can cause a panic. Many times, an investigation of the disease cluster or cancer cluster defines an environmental hazard, such as chemical contamination of drinking water, as the cause. Nonetheless, it is not always easy to legally establish the link between an environmental cancer or disease and a specific environmental hazard. That is why the environmental law firm of Napoli Shkolnik PLLC utilizes professionals in the medical, scientific, industry, and environmental fields when investigating and compiling evidence for a lawsuit.

When big companies negligently or recklessly pollute our environment because of their careless and callous attitudes, the damage they inflict often affects thousands, or even tens of thousands, of families throughout the area. At Napoli Shklnik PLLC, we have assembled a dedicated team of legal professionals, including noted industry leader Paul Napoli, to serve as a strong voice for victims in these cases.

Air Pollution

The quality of the air we breathe may directly impact our health. When pollutants are released into the air through the negligence or wrongdoing of a manufacturer, energy company, or other entity, innocent bystanders usually suffer the consequences. Ozone pollution from plant emissions is particularly dangerous, as even a few microscopic particles are usually enough to cause permanent breathing problems. Our environmental law attorneys handle environmental litigation related to air pollution throughout the U.S.


For decades, public and private entities used some form of perfluorooctanoic acid in a wide variety of products, from stain-resistant carpets to large-scale firefighting equipment. This chemical is so dangerous and stays in the soil and water so long that even a few extra parts per trillion can cause various kinds of cancer, birth injuries, immune system deficiencies, and other serious injuries.

The hazards of PFOA contamination are just now coming to light, and thanks to Napoli Shkolnik's nationwide resources, Paul Napoli and our other environmental lawyers can speak out for PFOA victims in New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, and other states.


A potential source of environmental harm and human health problems, pesticides are applied in vast quantities across U.S. farmlands, to the tune of 300 million pounds a year. If they are incorrectly applied, stored or disposed of, they may harm the environment and pose serious health concerns to anyone who inhales, ingests, or comes in direct contact with these toxic substances. Moreover, pesticides often contribute to air pollution, ground-level ozone, and water contamination, causing serious property damage.


Hazardous Waste

Companies that produce and deal with hazardous waste must follow specific laws when it comes to handling, storing, and disposing of these toxic, corrosive, reactive, and flammable substances. Even still, vast amounts of these dangerous chemicals are released into the environment almost every day. Our environmental law firm represents property owners, residents of communities, businesses, and individuals who have experienced health problems or suffered property damage as a result of hazardous waste violations by companies across the United States, large and small.

One example is Grumman's Hazardous Waste contaminating the Bethpage (Long Island, NY) area for decades. The contamination plume continues to grow and numerous toxic substances have been detected in the water, soil and soil vapor. Toxic chemicals contaminate public water supplies, groundwater and can sue serious health issues and decreased property value. The short 30-second video profiles a summary of the Grumman Contamination.

Nuclear Fuel Plant Lawsuits

Considering that one-fifth of the energy produced in the U.S. comes from nuclear reactors, the operations of nuclear power plants and nuclear fuel plants is of primary concern to Paul Napoli and the other professionals at our environmental law firm. These plants create radioactive byproducts that must be stored and disposed of in a precise way to protect the environment and public from harm. When environmental law violations are committed by these facilities, we are there to seek justice on behalf of the injured and wronged.

What is Environmental Law?

Environmental law is a field that involves various state, federal and local laws that regulate the human impact on our environment. These laws, such as the Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act, protect both the environment and public health by dictating how hazardous waste is to be disposed of and stored. They regulate the fuel emission and other operations of oil and gas exploration companies, nuclear power plants, industrial facilities and all other entities that may affect people, crops, and livestock through their contact with water sources, the soil, and the air we breathe. Environmental law is a main focus of our firm; we advocate for these victims across the entire country from offices in seven different states.

Oil Spills

Perhaps one of the most well-known types of environmental concerns — oil spills — endanger marine wildlife and the environment, as well as any people living or working in the area of the spill. Numerous studies have linked exposure to crude oil with a variety of serious conditions, including skin cancer and respiratory distress. Furthermore, the damage to wildlife and the physical environment often affects vital industries, such as fishing, tourism, and travel. Local, state, and federal government agencies work to regulate oil companies and reverse the ill-effects of oil and gas spills, and environmental law attorneys are on hand to obtain compensation for victims.

Water Contamination

Contaminated groundwater and surface waters present serious health concerns, such as lead poisoning, cancer, respiratory and organ failure, and more. If you live in an area where the water is contaminated due to improper disposal of wastewater or other forms of negligence by a local plant or company, our contaminated water law firm serves as a strong voice in demanding accountability for the responsible companies and compensation for the injury victims. For more information, download our Water Contamination Media Kit.

Disease Clusters

Essentially, a disease cluster is a situation where an abnormally large number of people in a certain area or region fall ill from a particular kind of serious condition. A higher-than-normal percentage of illnesses, such as respiratory disorders, birth defects, or cancer, may indicate that an environmental contaminant has been released in the area as a result of negligent or illegal acts.


Hydraulic fracturing is a process wherein pressurized fluid is forced into underground wells to extract natural gas more quickly. Though an effective form of excavation and an answer to our country's ever-increasing need for domestic energy sources, this process may cause environmental problems and health concerns, because the hazardous chemicals in fracking fluid are often negligently released into groundwater or surface waters.

Soil Contamination

Either because unscrupulous companies improperly dispose of their hazardous waste or because the water carries dangerous chemicals away from an approved disposal site, heavy metals and other contaminants often absorb through the skin, affecting gardeners, barefoot walkers, and children playing nearby. These victims must turn to an environmental law attorney to obtain compensation for serious injuries, such as leukemia, heavy metal poisoning, and nervous system breakdown, that often accompany such exposure.


Talk to an Environmental Law Attorney About Your Case

As a single property owner or member of a community facing off against a multinational energy company or billion dollar oil exploration corporation, recovering fair compensation for health problems and property damage caused by environmental law violations can be exceedingly difficult. That is where an environmental litigation attorney at our firm can help. We are a nationally recognized firm with fully-staffed offices in seven states across the U.S. We have gone up against some of the most formidable opponents on behalf of our clients – and we have won. Our success in representing plaintiffs is evident when you consider the more than $3 billion we have recovered in verdicts and settlements since 2000 alone.

Do not let your rights be crushed by a large corporation and a team of attorneys whose sole purpose is to ensure their client is not held liable for your injuries. Instead, work with an environmental law firm that has a proven record of success in this complex field.

A personal injury attorney who focuses on environmental litigation is critical to helping you to file a claim for damages, proving the liability of the at-fault party, and recovering damages for property damages, medical bills, and more. To schedule a consultation with our attorneys at law and to learn more about our services, call the team at Napoli Shkolnik PLLC today.

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