World Trade Center Litigation: What You Need to Know

After the 9/11 events took place, there were many people who were direct victims of the attack as well as those who took part in rescue and cleaning up efforts. Since the attack and its consequences had a severe impact on the surviving victims, rescuers and cleaners health, many of them tried to claim their legal rights by taking action in the form world trade center litigation.

These actions did not just involve survivors, rescuers, members of cleaning crews and their lawyers. but also the congress and other higher government instances. If you are experiencing any health issues as a direct or indirect effect of the 9/11 attack, you should know the following.

What is the Victim’s Compensation Fund

The Victims Compensation Fund (VCF for short) existed until 2003 when it was shut down after billions of dollars were disbursed to the families who had lost someone or got someone injured in the 9/11 attacks. The greatest flaw of this fund was its strict policy in defining who can claim the financial compensation.

Initially, only the people who were present at the site and the ones who were there during the 96 hours following the attack could make the legal noneconomic and economic claims. The former one included claims regarding pain and suffering while the latter included claims regarding the loss of future and past earnings, unreimbursed medical expenses, replacement services and loss of retirement benefits.


What is the Zadroga Act

The Zadroga Act reopened this fund. This act became law in 2011 and it made it possible for people who did not make claims regarding the 9/11 attack consequences before 2003 to do so now.

The Zadroga Act, now law, is named after James Zadroga who was a former NYPD detective. He died of a respiratory disease which came as a result of his engagements at the site of the World Trade Center after the attacks.

Thanks to this act, any victim of a 9/11 attack can receive a compensation after they make their legal claims to the reopened Victims Compensation Fund. Many people are not aware of this act or what it might entail. We have put together some info on the Zadroga Act to help inform those affected of their rights.


Who is Eligible to Make Claims

In order to enter World Trade Center Litigation process, claim your rights and get reimbursed by the reopened Victims Compensation Fund you have to be one of the injured people during 9/11 and its aftermath. Here is the list of people who fall into this category:

  • Firefighters
  • First-response medical teams
  • Cleanup crews
  • Construction crews
  • Anyone who worked and lived near the WTC months following the 9/11 attacks

Things to know about WTC Lawsuit Lawyers

WTC lawsuit lawyer is just an expression. In fact claiming your legal rights from and getting reimbursed by the Victims Compensation Fund is not a lawsuit. Why? Because there are no defendants nor a plaintiff.

Instead it is a federal program developed to financially help those who have suffered injuries due to exposure to hazardous materials from the WTC attacks. “Why a lawyer then?”, you might ask.

Since making the claim involves a lot of paperwork a WTC lawsuit lawyer can help you speed up the process. Experienced lawyers can help you strengthen your claim by planning and documenting your WTC litigation efforts. These lawyers have already helped thousands of families claim their money from the Victims Compensation Fund.

A lawyer can help you with the following procedures:

  • Documenting your whereabouts (dates, times, locations) during the attacks and months following the attacks
  • Putting together a file on medical treatments you have received. This includes all visits to the doctor, if you were hospitalized – why, how long, and other important facts, which medications were included in the therapy, etc.
  • If the 9/11 injury or illness had a financial impact on your life, a lawyer will help you itemize this impact. This list can include all medical costs that were not covered by insurance, lost wages, lost retirement benefits, etc.

An experienced and knowledgeable WTC lawsuit lawyer will hear you out and give the best to determine if you are eligible or not to file such a claim. If you are eligible for such claims, a lawyer will help you with all the procedures mentioned above in order to make sure you enter the litigation process faster and increase your odds of success.

If you are not satisfied with your current lawyer, you can add, change or remove the attorney on your claim.