“Women Raise the Bar” in St. John’s Law Magazine

The Fall 2021 issue of St. John’s Law Magazine, the official publication of St. John’s Law School, focuses on women who graduated from the law school and have gone on to make meaningful contributions to the law and society. In the issue, titled “Women Raise the Bar,” my work as a plaintiff-side mass tort litigator and as an advocate for women’s and minority rights is highlighted.

The profile focuses on cases I have been passionate about – including work as Co-Lead Council in the New York Opioid Cost Recovery Litigation and as Co-Liaison Council on the Flint Water Crisis Class Action Litigation. In the opioid trials, Napoli Shkolnik has been a strong advocate for individuals affected by the pharmaceutical industry’s malicious marketing of opioids, either through their own addictions or through dealing with the addictions of others, and for municipal, county, and state governments dealing with the crisis. In Flint, MI, the firm has advocated for settlements that will right the wrongs of longstanding environmental racism, leading to a dangerously polluted urban water system.

In my comments quoted in the profile, I stress that advocating for women has been a driving motivator in my work from the beginning. Whether that means taking on cases to gain relief for women who have been the victims of malicious marketing or ineffective products, supporting other women in the legal profession, or opposing entrenched systems that enable discrimination and misconduct, I have made my legal career about protecting, empowering, and fighting for women.

My profile, and the stories of other St. John’s Law alumna raising the bar in the legal profession, can be found here.