WHDT Requests Hunter Shkolnik's Legal Opinion: NYT vs Trump

WHDT Requests Hunter Shkolnik's Legal Opinion: NYT vs Trump

October 17, 2016 | Napoli Shkolnik News

Hunter Shkolnik was asked to join WHDT to give his legal opinion on “Can Trump Successfully Sue the New York Times?“.

Mr. Trump’s legal team has threatened to sue The New York Times for liable in response to an article they published where two women accuse Donald Trump of touching them inappropriately years ago. Mr. Trump’s lawyers have demanded a retraction and a published apology; The New York Times has declined to do either.

WHDT tapped into Hunter’s “vast legal experience” to ask whether or not Donald Trump has a case. Hunter’s legal opinion is that the threat of the lawsuit and the lawsuit are, in a word, “frivolous.” It’s not a word he uses lightly however Mr. Trump is one of the most public figures in the world right now, running for the Presidency and to reach the level of claim of liable is “insurmountable.”

Hunter goes on to say that Mr. Trump and his lawyers have threatened to sue in the past, sometimes doing so and in other times deciding against. Therefore, this threat is just another “hollow line in the sand,” according to Hunter.

Both WHDT and Mr. Shkolink agree that timing is everything, especially in such a heated presidential election and there is a question as to the timing of released documents, recordings, etc.

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