What is Asbestos? Understanding Asbestos and Mesothelioma

What is Asbestos?

Asbestos is a group of fibrous, naturally-occurring minerals that were once widely used across the United States. Asbestos was used in a vast number of commercial products because it is inexpensive and has several desirable qualities. Asbestps was used for its ability to resist heat and fire and the fact that it does not conduct electricity. Insulation, cement, automobile brakes, paint, ceiling and floor tiles were just a few of the types of products that contained asbestos. Asbestos fibers, depending on the type of asbestos, are thin and needle-like or curly. Because they are so small and fibrous, they are easily inhaled and ingested. When ingested, these can lead to a very rare and dangerous cancer called Mesothelioma.

Patients who are presenting symptoms such as unrelenting coughing, severe shortness of breath, or chest pains need to be seen by their doctor quickly. While these are symptoms commonly shared with many other issues they are also the primary symptoms of mesothelioma. After they see their physician and alert them to their symptoms and their concern that it might be related to mesothelioma, the diagnostic process begins and this will help to determine the causes of these symptoms as well as the development of a personalized treatment plan.


Where to go for Help When You Have Mesothelioma

When you or a loved one is given the diagnosis of mesothelioma, it can feel like a death sentence. Up until a few years ago, it often times was. While there is no cure for this disease, new advances in treatments are helping patients live longer, healthier, fuller lives. Our goal is to help victims of asbestos and mesothelioma get the compensation they deserve for their injuries. It is essential to get help when you have a diagnosis because chances are, severe damage has already been done. We can fight to help minimize future damage and to get the compensation you deserve!

Mesothelioma may up to 50 years in some cases to reach the point where symptoms are noticed. This can present problems because you will need to prove that the asbestos exposure is what caused your injuries, which can be a challenge with such a delay. Fortunately, working with a skilled and experienced mesothelioma attorney can go a long way in helping you as they can use their knowledge of this sort of case to help you fight and get the compensation you deserve.


What Does Mesothelioma Looks Like?

This is a story about what mesothelioma looks like when it strikes someone today. This happens often times with little to no warning. What follows is the story of Mike and how his life was turned upside down by asbestos.

The way people end up developing mesothelioma is by being exposed to asbestos, usually on a regular and prolonged basis, in the workplace or at home. This is what happened to Mike. He had been enlisted in the Navy for over a decade and spent his time working in the shipyard. During that time, Mike was exposed to all sorts of nasty things. One of those was asbestos from insulation in the shipyard. For at least 5 years while in the service he was exposed to asbestos 4-5 days a week while working in the shipyard building ships for the US Navy and the crazy thing is, he felt fine during that time! After he finished his years of service he started a family and was happy and healthy!

That all changed though when Mike turned 50 as his health began to decline quite rapidly. He was at the doctors every few months with the same symptoms. He was always tired and felt out of breath, was losing weight unexpectedly, he felt like he was always coughing and struggling to catch his breath and would have crippling cramps and pain in his ribs and chest. The doctor ran tests and said it wasn’t a heart attack, it was just “age” since Mike was now into his 50’s. After years of no answers and declining health, he begged his doctors to run more tests to see what happened. They finally did and the scans, lab work, and test revealed that Mike had advanced stage of pericardial mesothelioma! He was dead less than a year later due to how far along the disease progressed when it was discovered.


Why We Fight For Mesothelioma Victims

It is stories like Mike’s that motivate us and keep us fighting. We fight for those who have been impacted by asbestos exposure and whose lives have been upended because of mesothelioma diagnosis. Other families do not have to suffer the loss of a loved one. We fight so people who turned a blind eye to the risk of asbestos are held accountable. The victims of this negligence do not have to suffer more than they already are. One may need a lawyer for mesothelioma to help them navigate the waters of a potentially lengthy and complicated mesothelioma case. Contact our Mesothelioma Lawyers today. The call is free and there is no obligation.