FDA Finds Adverse Reactions to Meds at Profound Level

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has found that there were an astounding 123,000 deaths caused by prescribed medications in 2014, as well as 800,000 serious health complications that caused hospitalization and/or permanent disability. These adverse effects of prescription drugs, according to the FDA, have tripled in the last decade. Keep in mind that these are medications that are being prescribed and taken accordingly by the patients. This means that fully legal and appropriately taken prescription drugs kill more Americans per year than traffic accidents, gun deaths, suicide, illegal drugs, and overdoses on prescription drugs combined.

In 2016, the United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA) recalled more than 8,000 defective products and issued more than 14,000 warning letters about possible serious side effects associated with legal products. A large percentage of these actions involved dangerous drugs. Since the FDA both approves new drugs and acts as a consumer watchdog, its bureaucrats often hesitate to take action against drugs that they only recently declared to be safe. Click here to read more on the FDA approval process. The challenge with this process as mentioned earlier is that it can take a considerable amount of time. This span of time can take from months to even years for testing. So, by the time the agency finally takes adverse action, the dangerous drug has usually already injured thousands of people. Even worse, the FDA almost never initiates unilateral Class III recalls, so dangerous drugs may remain on the shelves and enter the bloodstreams of unsuspecting victims. This is where the need for New York Pharmaceutical Litigation Attorneys come in.

While still a problem, only 16,000 people died from opioid prescription painkiller overdoses in 2013, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The war on drugs, it seems, should have been aimed at the pharmaceutical industry all along. With individual companies profiting in the billions, they have the money, legal power, and resources to create unsafe drugs, market them to patients who do not need them, and get away with it all in the end by paying out insignificant percentages to the victims years later. However insignificant the compensation may seem to a multi billion dollar company, it can be a life-changing help for those families that need it.

Our attorneys frequently meet with clients regarding the health issues resulting from their use of recalled or otherwise dangerious drugs. The experience of our legal team will enable you to get the most thorough and focused representation available.

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