Transvaginal Mesh Complications

It is not surprising to anyone that both age and childbirth individually and in combination take their tolls on the human body. Many medical complications result from both. One of the more common medical complication from both or either that women suffer from are stress urinary incontinence as well as pelvic organ prolapse. Surgeons and the medical field in general devised a method to deal with this issues through the surgical implantation of certain mesh slings to help support and alleviate the stress that these conditions impose on the body. In the past these slings came to the attention of the food and drug administration (FDA), which has jurisdiction over such matters. In 2008 and 2011, the FDA issued a number of public health advisories regarding these devices.


By 2014, over 70,000 women filed suit for alleged complications related to the transvaginal sling. Some have called it one of the largest mass torts in history.  The majority of the federal cases were consolidated in the Federal District Court for the District of West Virginia. Verdicts have been as high as $100 million (although subsequently reduced to $10 million). The $10 million verdict, while still high by most standards, is certainly in line with the majority of verdicts across the nation for the seriously injured patient. Those who are not considered seriously injured still are averaging about $150,000 per case. As evinced by these figures, damages can be both common and severe. One of the major defendants, American Medical Systems, settled approximately 20,000 cases against them with a $1.6 billion settlement. Other companies settled also. Three major companies – Bard, Ethicon and Boston Scientific – all stand behind their products and are prepared to litigate the thousands of cases that are lodged against them.


Some of the complications that result from use of transvaginal slings include long term urinary tract infections, requiring long term, continuous antibiotic usage, internal scar tissue buildup causing discomfort or pain during normal activities or during intercourse. Nerve damage is also common. Patients with these complications sometimes require additional surgeries, with all of the potential complications, as well as pain and suffering that come from additional surgeries.  There is also a host of emotional issues that come with such complications, wherein the greater the pain and discomfort and need for additional treatment or procedures, the greater the emotional toll that these complications place on these victims.


If you or a loved one were harmed by a transvaginal mesh or currently have one, you must speak with an experienced personal injury law firm, to help determine if you have any compensable damages and to represent you when dealing with the insurance companies. Insurance companies will likely compare your case to the many other similar cases they handled in the past. The law office of Napoli, Shkolnik, PLLC can help ensure that you are treated as an individual. You can reach us at 212-397-1000 or complete our online contact information form and someone will call you in regards to your case.