Testosterone Drug Lawsuits

The number of men who use testosterone drugs to treat the condition known as low testosterone or  “low T” has increased dramatically in recent years, with an article published by Harvard Health Publications stating that “millions of American men” use a testosterone prescription. But not only may the condition of low T be one that was created to help men who are naturally (and healthily) aging have more energy and a more robust sex drive, using testosterone drugs to treat it may be dangerous.

The medication is advertised to combat part of the natural aging process. It is sold as a gel, transdermal patch, a topical solution, a tablet and a under-the-skin pellet. To be sure, countless lawsuits have been filed against the makers of many low T drugs, including the makers of AndroGel.

Why Are Low T Drugs Dangerous?

Low T drugs may not be safe to use. Studies have demonstrated that the use of low T drugs like AndroGel is associated with an increased risk of stroke, heart attack, blood clots, mood swings and death. And this is exactly what has happened to thousands of the drugs’ users. In fact, an article published in Bloomberg highlights that AndroGel maker, AbbVie, faces more than 4,100 lawsuits filed by men who claim that AndroGel caused health problems like heart attacks and blood clots. The drug has caused death in at least four documented cases.

What You Should Know If You Are Taking Low T Drugs

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)  warns that low T drugs should only be prescribed to patients who have low testosterone levels as a result of certain health conditions, and when these levels have been confirmed by laboratory testing. The FDA also states that low T drugs should never be used to treat lower testosterone levels caused by no other reason than aging.

Androgel Side Effects

Initially, researchers discovered that men over 65 who took testosterone supplements developed unhealthy plaque levels, a thick, waxy substance that hardens arteries and restricts oxygen flow. Not long thereafter, other scientists concluded that younger men also faced a significantly higher risk of coronary artery disease. In fact, one 2010 safety study was cancelled after a test subject had a heart attack which may have been linked to testosterone supplement use.

Serious AndroGel side effects are not limited to just cardiac episodes. Some other common adverse health issues include:

  • Blood Clots: The same substance that clogs arteries may also cause blood clots to be much thicker than normal, causing DVT (deep vein thrombosis). If these embolisms migrate to the brain, which they often do, they may cause a stroke.
  • Prostate Cancer: Both human and animal studies have established a link between unnaturally high testosterone levels and prostate cancer, especially among men who already had an elevated risk for this disease.
  • Sleep Apnea: a serious condition that causes daytime fatigue, making it dangerous to drive a car and operate other heavy equipment.

Other possible side effects include hormonal imbalances in men that possibly lead to infertility and unintentional exposure to pets, children, and women.

If you are taking low T drugs now, it is important that you understand the risks. If you have suffered harm as a result of taking low T drugs, our experienced attorneys may be able to help you pursue a medical malpractice or defective pharmaceutical case depending upon the details of your story. To learn more, contact us today for a free consultation. Our legal team will explain the claim process and answer any questions you may have. There is no obligation and we do not collect a fee unless we win your case.