Quest Diagnostics Data Breach: Tens of Thousands Affected

New Jersey-based Quest Diagnostics Inc. is reporting that one of its web applications (MyQuest by Care 360) has been breached by an unauthorized third party on November 26, 2016. This unknown cyber attack accessed the Protected Health Information of 34,000 individuals, including their name and birth date, information about their lab results and in some cases, telephone numbers.

The stolen data could be used to wreak havoc on a person’s credit and also gain unauthorized access to their bank accounts and other personal information.

Quest Diagnostics is notifying the affected individuals about the security breach via mail, but this breach is definitely a large concern for this Fortune 500 healthcare company’s customers. Understandably, many are extremely worried that the stolen information will be misused.

High profile cyber-attacks have hit companies such as Yahoo Inc., Home Depot and Target Corp. over the past several years.

Cyber-crime has become an increasingly large problem over the past few years as technology gets more sophisticated. As our devices get smarter, so do the thieves that use them to access our closely guarded personal data. Cyber attacks can range from a “brute force” password guessing method to a more sophisticated social engineering method, where the attacker learns enough about the person who set the password such that they can get make assumptions about what a password might be, and obtain answers to security questions.

Records, which are considered valuable have attracted criminals. More than 12 million people’ records are compromised every year. Quest introduced the portal tablet or mobile. The business stated MyQuest by Care 360 would assist patients permit use requirements to be fulfilled by doctors since patients would have the ability to download, view or transmit their health records and see their laboratory reports.

Quest does not believe the patient information has been misused, however many large public companies deny misuse to protect themselves.

A recent poll from the American Health Lawyers Association revealed an overwhelming majority of respondents suggested that the healthcare sector is now more vulnerable to hackers compared to other industries. Quest claims to take care of diagnostic labs for around 30 percent of adults in the U.S. each year. It has also touted its status as the first company to offer patient access through channels to laboratory information.

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