Paul Napoli To Be Featured Speaker at 9/11 Museum

Board Member Paul Napoli will be a speaker for the ongoing 9/11 Memorial & Museum staff seminar series focused on 9/11 health effects. This series has been designed as a professional in-service offering to deepen staff knowledge about the origins, current status, and anticipated future impacts of this serious public health matter and more broadly, to ensure that our staff remains well versed in various topics related to the ongoing implications of 9/11.

Paul will be sharing his personal and professional experiences representing claimants in the litigation effort and will give an overview of the archive his firm is generously donating to the Museum’s permanent collection. He will also touch on the Zadroga Act and why it took so long to pass the legislation, as well as whether its provisions satisfy the needs of all affected. Paul also plans to describe some of the conditions facing the first responders he represented – as evidence of the very real human impacts experienced by those most immediately afflicted.