Client Freed After Judge Tosses Double Murder Conviction

It is a day that Wayne Martin’s Napoli Shkolnik attorneys, Craig Phemister and James Henning, have been working tirelessly towards: their client is freed from prison without bail and has his double murder conviction thrown out by the judge.

Mr. Martin was convicted of double murder in 2005 and was serving a life sentence without the possibility parole; however, allegations of prosecutorial misconduct in his case have lead to his release. The allegations of misconduct and missing evidence were put in the spotlight when the Brooklyn District Attorney made the chief administrative judge aware that Wayne’s due process rights had been violated and that evidence that could of resulted in a different jury verdict was not made available to the defense team ahead of trial.

This comes as incredibly welcoming news to Mr. Martin, after having spent over 10 years behind bars.

He has always maintained his innocence, but Wayne Martin is not completely cleared of the conviction yet but being able to walk out of the courtroom free yesterday is a step in the right direction.

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I’m free…right now I have to go to my family and get my kids and all that.