Do I Need an Attorney for a Car Accident

From minor fender-benders to major crashes that leave those involved with serious or fatal injuries, when a motor vehicle accident occurs, you may have a lot of questions about what to do. And depending upon the severity of your crash, you may be wondering whether or not you need an attorney to manage your car accident case. Clearly one of the most important things to do is to immediately seek and/or receive medical attention if you, your passengers or anyone in the other vehicle(s) requires it.

While each case is unique, here are some questions to ask yourself to help you determine whether a car accident attorney may aid you–

How Much Have You Suffered in Property Damage and other Economic Expenses?

If your car accident resulted in property damage expenses that are more than just the costs of repairing a scrape or a dented bumper, having an attorney on your side could be helpful. Indeed, if your car has been ‘totaled’, calling an attorney is probably a smart idea.

You should also consider the costs of other economic expenses you have incurred, such as the costs of medical care or any lost wages you have suffered or plan to suffer. If these expenses total more than a few thousand dollars–and certainly if they total into the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars–you should contact an attorney.

Have You Incurred Non-Economic Losses?

Calling an attorney may also be within your best interest if you have suffered any non-economic losses, such as pain and suffering. Non-economic losses are harder to recover in a car accident claim, but may be an important part of ensuring you are fully compensated after a crash.

Is Fault Disputed, or Has Your Claim Been Low-balled or Denied?

Finally, you should contact an attorney anytime that you are pursuing a car accident claim and:

  • The insurance adjuster has put the fault of the accident on your shoulders, even if you don’t think you were to blame;
  • Your claim for compensation has been denied; or
  • You have been offered a settlement that is much less than you believe your claim is worth.

An attorney will investigate and valuate your claim, and can negotiate on your behalf if any of the above are true.

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A car accident can be confusing, chaotic and traumatic. If it is possible for you to remain calm and collect information, it could help you later. You want to exchange information with the other driver(s), take photos of any damage to the vehicle, take down witness information and wait for the authorities to arrive. Remember to be polite and provide your information but never admit fault or volunteer more information than is necessary.