NBCNews Quotes Hunter Shkolnik on Flint, Michigan

“Lead poisoning is an insidious disease,” said Hunter Shkolnik. “We know the brain is permanently and irreversibly damaged but it doesn’t manifest itself immediately. These children have been pushed so far down now they cannot ever achieve what was expected of them.”

“What we’re trying to do here is get action and get action quick,” he added. “There are many more children in the community who need attention. It cannot wait any longer.”

This quote was published in “Seven Lead-Poisoned Families File Flint Class Action Lawsuit” by Tracy Connor of NBC News.


About the Flint Water Crisis:

In 2013, the city of Flint, Michigan joined the Karegnodi Water Authority (KWA), a new pipeline project that would deliver water from Lake Huron when completed. In the meantime, the city of Flint would be receiving drinking water from the Flint River.

In the weeks following this switch to the Flint River as the potable water source, some residents began buying bottled water as they complained of poor tasting and smelling city water. Despite efforts to fix the issue, the city issued a boil-water advisory after testing revealed bacteria in the water system.

Water quality fears continued to grow when claims were made that the corrosiveness of the water may be causing lead to enter the resident’s water. Findings by the Hurley Medical Center show that more Flint infants and children have elevated levels of lead in their blood since the city switched to using the Flint River.