National Opioid Epidemic: Fighting Back

The opioid epidemic across the United States is so severe that it has drawn national attention, with the Trump Administration recently announcing a new initiative that is aimed at addressing what it has called “the worst drug crisis” in history, as reported by The Hill. The new pilot program will track opioid prescriptions and pharmacies for the purpose of identifying any over-prescribing that is occurring, and hopefully intervening to limit addiction.

The federal government’s initiative is sweeping, but federal intervention or not, the help of local governments is essential too. While some cities have taken action, many across the nation are struggling with the crisis, and unsure of what to do.

Local Governments Try to Fight Back

Many states have implemented policies that, like the federal government’s, are designed to confront and tackle the opioid epidemic, and try to put an end to addiction. This includes both the state of New Jersey and the state of Massachusetts.

But at the local level, things are a bit more difficult. While many local governments have good intentions–such as that to clean up Philadelphia’s open air heroin market known as “The Badlands” on the Conrail train tracks–cities lack the resources they really need. For example, cleaning up The Badlands is a great idea, but without bed space in rehab clinics, law enforcement, and a plan aimed at tackling the fact that Philadelphia is one of the largest heroin-tracking areas in the country, real change is challenging.

But that doesn’t mean that cities should be without hope. While there are challenges, many cities have made strides. Consider, for example, Seattle’s Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion program, or the efforts in High Point (NC) to identify street-level dealers, addressing the problem at its source. There is more work to be done, though, and municipal governments have a lot to think about in terms of public safety, policy, and law enforcement.

The Opioid Epidemic Continues to Take Lives

As cities, states, and the federal government work to develop solutions for putting an end to the opioid epidemic that is plaguing America, the death rate continues to increase. If you have been affected by opioids, our attorneys may be able to help you. Napoli Shkolnik is working with local officials and counsel in their opioid litigation representation, including Datyon, OH, Manchester, NH, Nassau County, NY, Parma, OH and Niagara County, NY. Our attorneys are pursuing claims against not only the largest opioid manufacturers in the country, but also the distributors.

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