Midair Crash in TX Leaves 3 Dead, Including Cadet

On Monday, January 2, 2017, two planes collided in a crash near the Aero Country Airport, which is a private airport located near McKinney National Airport. Following the crash, the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado released a statement saying that one of the three people killed in the crash was Cadet 4th Class Timothy Barber. Both Timothy and his father, Greg Barber, sustained fatal injuries; a third person, who was operating the other plane involved in the accident, was also killed. The story was reported by KXAN.com.


Midair Collisions in the United States

Reports indicate the that the cause of the crash is currently being investigated. It is worth noting that while military planes, even small ones, are equipped with crash avoidance systems due to congestion of air fields and student training purposes, private, smaller planes are not (usually) equipped with Airborne Collision Avoidance Systems. This fact may have contributed to the crash, or the pilots’ inability to avoid it.

Sadly, this is the fourth midair collision in the United States reported within the last two years. The three other crashes include:

  • A crash involving an Air Force fighter jet and a private jet in South Carolina;
  • A crash involving a BAE Sabreliner and a Cessna at Brown Field in San Diego; and
  • A crash involving two small, private planes in Georgia, one of which was being operated by a flight instructor and their student.

Potential causes of these accidents, as well as other midair collisions include meteorological conditions, lack of training/skill, and air traffic control errors. Manufacturing errors and defects with the planes can also lead to collisions.


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