Marie Napoli Appears on Fox Business Coast to Coast

Marie Napoli was recently invited to appear on Fox Business Coast to Coast to discuss “Are social media companies liable for terror threats?” given how the Islamic State and other extremist groups use social media to spread their message. All of the social media companies condemn attacks.

Is this a question of Free Speech? Marie offers her legal opinion of “Due Care” that these social media companies should not allow postings and messages that will incite violence or encourage harming of others.

Marie is quoted in this video as saying:

“Well, I think absolutely social media should be liable. They have to have someone watching over what the content is that people are putting on their websites. And you see what’s happening, people are telling others to kill, and we have these mass murders… I mean there has to be some kind of consensus. I’m not saying that all speech is to be watched over, but speech that can cause harm to others, inciting them to kill and riot, that they should be responsible for. They’re making money by having these websites up there, and unfortunately the law as it is now, in the United States protects these websites from any liability. Until those laws are changed, this will not change.”

Mrs. Napoli goes on to say:

“Every person has to perform due care to others to ensure that they’re not hurt. Due care is to make sure that on their websites, they are not having things posted that would incite the murder of other human beings. I mean I think that is the minimum of due care. I don’t think that that kind of language deserves any kind of protection under the our constitution”

Marie Napoli is a nationally respected voice on personal injury matters such as these. She and her husband Paul Napoli are frequently called upon by Fox Business News and other media outlets for their experience and opinions. Our distinguished attorneys frequently appear on major media outlets to share their insights and expertise on a wide array of legal matters.

As a founding partner of Napoli Shkolnik PLLC, Marie was involved in many depositions and has tried multiple cases to verdict. As a skilled and determined attorney who is well-versed in numerous litigation fields, Marie understands the breadth of the legal issues that particularly affect women injured by pharmaceutical and other defective products.

In 2017, Marie published an op-ed piece on the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment case for LawDragon, a top industry publication.

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