Hunter Shkolnik Press Coverage On Uber

In the midst of a heated court hearing regarding lawsuits between Uber Technologies Inc. and its drivers, Hunter Shkolnik has been actively involved in the outcome of the settlement. Recently mentioned in The Recorder as the lead for the efforts taken against Uber and its many lawsuits, Hunter Shkolnik remains determined and confident to see this class action lawsuit to an MDL for the main interest of Uber’s drivers. Most of the suits allege that Uber Technologies Inc. has misclassified drivers as independent contractors rather than employees who are entitled to unpaid wages, tips and reimbursement for gas and other expenses.

Hunter Shkolnik, who has always put the interests of the drivers as the number one priority, has moved to coordinate a multidistrict litigation proceeding that would put all the cases before a single judge. What originally started in California from Uber’s misclassification of its drivers quickly spread into most of Uber’s current states of operation as Hunter Shkolnik said that he wouldn’t be surprised if more cases got filed in every state. As quoted in The National Law Journal on the same matter earlier this year, “We’re just getting contacted by drivers like crazy,” Hunter said. “There are a lot of very upset drivers.” Shannon LissRiordan, the plaintiffs lawyer behind the California action, filed a motion to oppose having her cases roped into an MDL as she believes the claims collectively are far too different and procedurally advanced to be consolidated or coordinated before a single judge.



There was recently a new break in another case against Uber, this one alleging improper calculation of compensation for Uber Drivers. Details on the news of the case can be found below. This is a huge win for Napoli Shkolnik’s clients as it solidifies their standing in the suit and allows them to proceed in further building their case against Uber for compensation.

Napoli Shkolnik won a substantial preliminary success for Plaintiffs once the court issued a decision late yesterday afternoon denying Uber’s motion to dismiss the case.

While there are several other cases against Uber based on its upfront pricing, Napoli Shkolnik is leading the charge and this is the first significant decision reached by any court.

Plaintiffs contend that their arrangement requires Uber to utilize exactly the identical fare calculation to cover drivers since it uses to control passengers. But ever since Uber implemented upfront pricing, it’s been utilizing one fare calculation with competitive estimated inputs for time/distance to ascertain what passengers cover and a totally distinct fare calculation performed following the ride utilizing real inputs to determine drivers’ compensation.

Since the upfront fare calculation consistently yields a greater level, drivers are getting the short end of the stick. The court’s ruling admits the arrangement supports motorists’ position and lets them proceed with their situation.