Hunter Shkolnik Quoted in The Wall Street Journal

UBER Class Action Litigation

The Uber settlement leaves many drivers with barely enough compensation for their work to pay for meals. The class action suit claims that the company misclassifies drivers as independent contractors and denies them proper tips. This litigation continues to gain steam in response to the $100 million settlement in California federal court.

Napoli Partner Hunter J. Shkolnik made the following comment in response to the $84 million class action settlement that gives approximately $21 million to a Boston plaintiff attorney while most Massachusetts and California drivers would receive $24.

Many Uber drivers call the settlement a “joke” and have lodged formal objections with the court.

This large disparity does not sit well with many other plaintiff attorneys that have been closely watching the case, including Napoli Partner Hunter Shkolnik:

The vast majority of drivers barely enough money to take their families out to dinner at a fast-food restaurant.

-Hunter Shkolnik of Napoli Shkolnik

This deal still needs to be approved by federal judge Edward Chen.

The outcome of that settlement further shows how some attorneys can take advantage of their clients when they are in need. many of the plaintiffs named in the suit relied on that money from driving to take care of their children and families. Having an attorney take such a large part of that settlement as fees causes less of the money to trickle down to the little guy, who ultimately worked hard for it.

Hunter Shkolnik, that has always put the interests of their drivers has proceeded to coordinate a litigation proceeding that could put of the cases before a judge. What started from Uber’s misclassification of its drivers in California spread into most as Hunter Shkolnik said he would not be surprised if instances got filed in each state. As mentioned in The National Law Journal on precisely the exact same matter earlier this season, “We are just getting contacted by motorists like mad,” Hunter said. “There are a whole lot of very upset drivers” The plaintiffs attorney behind the California action, filed a motion to oppose with their instances roped into a multi-district litigation (MDL) as they considers the claims are advanced coordinated or to be consolidated before a judge and far different.

Recently mentioned in The Recorder as the lead for the efforts taken against Uber and its many lawsuits, Hunter Shkolnik remains determined and confident to see this class action lawsuit to an MDL for the main interest of Uber’s drivers.

The Uber lawsuit focuses primarily on the classification of Uber drivers as independent contractors or employees.

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