Hunter Shkolnik in National Law Journal About Flint Water

Napoli Shkolnik Partner Hunter J. Shkolnik  quoted in The National Law Journal regarding the recent criminal charges brought against three government employees over the Flint water crisis.

“They are going down for this. I don’t think these should be the only fall guys here. There are a lot of people responsible and a lot of people participated in covering this up, and I suspect more indictments are going to follow.”

Napoli Shkolnik PLLC has filed two lawsuits naming dozens of government officials tied to the Flint scandal.

Sesveral years ago, the town of Flint, Michigan changed to the Karegnodi Water Authority (KWA), a new pipeline project that would send water from Lake Huron once the job was finished. Meanwhile, the town of Flint would be getting drinking water in the Flint River.

In the weeks after this change to the Flint River since the potable water supply, some residents began buying bottled water since they complained of poor tasting and smelling city water. Despite attempts to fix the matter, the town issued a boil-water advisory after examining demonstrated bacteria in the water method.

Water quality anxieties continued to rise when claims have been made that the corrosiveness of their water could possibly be causing direct to leach in the gardener’s water. Findings from the Hurley Medical Center reveal that more Flint babies and children have elevated levels of lead in their blood because the city switched with the Flint River.

several sets of internal government correspondence have surfaced exposing their knowledge of the problems and their inability and lack of interest to pursue the matter.

First set of emails released by Governor Snyder on January 20, 2016, dating back to 2014-2015.

Second set of emails and corresponding documents made available from state departments regarding the Flint water crisis. Departments include the Department of Environmental Quality, Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Treasury, Department of Technology, Management and Budget, and Department of Agriculture and Rural Development regarding Flint water.

Staff emails and documentation between Governor Syder’s office, MDEQ and City of Flint, dating back to 2011 (1234 & 5).

Two Michigan Department of Environmental Quality officials, Stephen Busch and Michael Prysby and Michael Glasgow, a Flint employee were charged with a total of 13 felony charges and 5 misdemeanor charges. In addition to prison times they face monetary fines.

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