Hunter Shkolnik Quoted in ALM/Texas Lawyer About Chemo Drug

UPDATE: Hunter Shkolnik has been appointed to the Taxotere Products Liability Litigation Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee by United States District Judge, Kurt D. Engelhardt

Partner Hunter Shkolnik submitted an application for lead counsel appointment consideration in the Taxotere chemotherapy drug liability multi-district litigation. There has been an unusually large number of plaintiff attorney submissions with more than 40 applications.

“The court should make sure there is appropriate diversity, but should also make sure the people being appointed deserve the position as well,” said Hunter.

Taxotere, an injectable concentrate frequently used in chemotherapy to treat breast cancer, has been found to cause permanent hair loss (alopecia). The Taxotere lawsuits allege that the chemo drug caused this permanent, disfiguring hair loss and that the patients were never warned about this side effect. Unfortunately there is no antidote for chemo-induced alopecia.

So far approximately 200 cases have been filed by breast cancer patients but it is expected that the number could grow to thousands.