Hunter Shkolnik on Fox Business About United Airlines

Who is responsible for the United fiasco and what is next for the airline?

Hunter Shkolnik joined Fox Business News to discuss the recent incident involving a passenger being removed from a United Airlines flight. Hunter said that the PR backlash of the videos and images of the incident are just the beginning of United’s problems. It is the lawsuits that are sure to follow. As Hunter made clear, “You do not drag a customer off an airplane like a piece of luggage. You do not drag him down the aisle bleeding with his head bouncing off of armrests.”

The host wanted to know who would be named in the lawsuit, possibly it would be the security company and not the airline. She says that the public is worried that the security company will say that they only did what they were directed to by United Airlines. Hunter acknowledged that the security company does share some of the responsibility as they should not have hurt the passenger when forcibly removing him from the plane.

Backlash has also continued to mount against United CEO Oscar Munoz with a petition to have him fired receiving 2000 signatures. In Hunter’s opinion, Munoz’s statement to make things right along with an apology was too little and came too late. Munoz’ initial position was that action was only taken after the passenger did not volunteer and became belligerent.

Recently there have been some articles regarding the passenger’s past, that he had his medical license revoked for example. Hunter said that even if he was penalized or lost his license to practice medicine, it has nothing to do with what happened in the videos. Hunter says that the lawsuits will seek multi-million dollar compensation. Hunter believes that the passenger was abused psychologically and physically.