Hunter Shkolnik on CBS News

Hunter Shkolnik was recently invited on CBS News to offer his legal opinion on former U.S. House speaker Dennis Hastert. “There’s never going to be justice for these young men. He (Mr. Hastert) will not be punished for what he did,” says Hunter. “So for the very least, punish him for trying to hide it. Punish for trying to hide  the money trail to cover up his misdeeds.” View the clip

Dennis Hastert has pleaded guilty to evading banking laws as part of a scheme aimed at covering up past wrongdoings according to prosecutors. Federal prosecutors allege that Mr. Hastert illegally structured cash withdrawals from his bank to pay hush money to cover up his sexual abuse of five male students associated with Yorkville high school’s wrestling program during his tenure as coach of the team. Investigators claim those transactions involved $3.5 million that Hastert agreed to pay one of his accusers.