Getting To Know You: About Napoli Law

Although New York personal injury attorneys are sometimes derided as “ambulance chasers” and some other names which cannot be reprinted on a family-friendly website, we are are proud to serve New Yorkers and other injury victims in at lest four important ways.

First and foremost, our New York personal injury attorneys obtain compensation for injury victims, because a negligence lawsuit is usually the only means available for these individuals. Even a seemingly minor car wreck usually leads to tens of thousands of dollars in medical expenses; in the case of a substantially more serious injury, like environmentally-induced cancer, the medical bills may be exponentially higher. There are other economic losses as well, such as lots wages, the loss of a family home, or the loss of a family car.

These monetary damages are just the beginning, because serious injuries also create losses that money alone cannot measure, such as loss or enjoyment in life, physical and emotional pain and suffering, loss of consortium (companionship), and emotional distress. These and other items are priceless, but in our legal system, New York personal injury attorneys can only obtain monetary damages.

Second, many kinds of negligence lawsuits, especially medical malpractice and nursing home abuse actions, prevent future negligent injuries. Negligence lawsuits often make the headlines, essentially putting a spotlight on the issues that lead to the victim’s injuries. Furthermore, in cases like defective products and dangerous drugs, money is only language that many companies speak. Grandstanding politicians and harsh op-ed pieces are simply an annoyance, but if a New York personal injury attorney obtains a multi million dollar verdict or settlement that includes substantial punitive damages, corporate changes are almost sure to follow.

Our attorneys are also advocates who give victims a voice in the process. For example, the Environmental Protection Agency may levy a fine against a polluting company, but the agency will do nothing for the individual victims of that toxic exposure. Similarly, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration may penalize a company after a negligent plant explosion, but a fine is no help to an injured victim.

Because we know what victims go through, our attorneys often advocate in the legislative process as well. Paul Napoli, one of our leading attorneys, has been instrumental in laws such as compensation funds for 9/11 injury victims. Some of our other lawyers often testify at hearings and other forums to provide lawmakers with the information they need to make good choices that are favorable to victim/plaintiffs.

Fourth, largely through a device called a letter of protection, New York personal injury attorneys connect victims with the medical help they need. These letters are especially necessary in car crash and most kinds of hazardous substance exposure cases, because of the specialized nature of the injuries. Not all doctors know how to treat a condition like whiplash, but a New York personal injury attorney will connect victims with an injury physician who handles such matters.

Once the case nears resolution, attorneys negotiate with medical providers and often reduce the amount due, so victims pocket more of their settlement money.

Finally, through innovative fee arrangements, New York personal injury lawyers are accessible. These financial models include:

  • Free Consultation: Whether your initial visit is at one of our offices, in a hospital, or at your home, we do not charge a fee. Your consultation with a New York personal injury lawyer includes a case assessment based on both the law and the facts, a preview of what to expect during the litigation process, and straight answers to your questions.
  • Contingent Fee: The upfront value continues after you partner with our firm, because we do not charge upfront legal fees in most negligence cases. Instead, we agree to accept a fixed percentage that’s basically tied to the complexity of the case. If you lose your case, you owe us nothing.

While your case is pending, you do not have to worry about any ancillary costs either, such as medical bills and private investigator expenses.

To get an experienced New York, NY personal injury lawyer on your side, contact Napoli Shkolnik PLLC today. We have two office locations in the NYC metro area.