Are Energy Bars and Drinks Safe?

Energy bars and energy drinks are often touted as not only being the ideal way to give yourself a much needed burst of power, but also as being healthy meal alternatives or healthy snacks. However, energy bars and drinks may not actually be as safe as they’re advertised. In fact, multiple lawsuits have been filed against companies like Monster Energy, raising questions about the risks vs. benefits.

The Risks of Energy Drinks

According to an article published in CNN, energy drinks “may pose a danger to public health.” To be sure, studies have demonstrated that energy drinks may:

  • Increase stress levels;
  • Raise heart rate;
  • Increase blood pressure; and
  • Thicken the blood.

The effect can be severe enough that a person may, after consuming more than one energy drink, go into cardiac arrest, as has been reported in the past. The cause of the cardiovascular effects of energy drinks lies in the combination of high levels of caffeine and taurine, a type of amino acid. While both caffeine and taurine are found naturally in nature, they are found in higher concentrations than normal in energy drinks.

Lawsuits filed against Monster Energy not only allege that the company’s energy drinks lead to heart attack, but also stroke and kidney failure as well.

What About Energy Bars?

Energy bars may not be your best option. While they may not be as immediately dangerous as energy drinks (there are no reports of anyone having a heart attack as a result of eating an energy bar), they’re not necessarily safe. Energy bars are a type of processed, refined food – the consumption of processed foods are linked to weight gain and disease. Energy bars can also contain an excessive amount of nutrients, herbal supplements (which haven’t been proven to be safe or effective), and are often high in calories and sugars.

What to Do If You Think an Energy Product Has Caused You Harm

If you have consumed a product that claims to provide energy, and have suffered harm as a result of that product, our lawyers want to meet with you. Companies have a duty to not only test their products to ensure they are safe, but to also disclose known risks and refrain from false advertising. To learn more about your rights as a consumer, contact our law offices today for a free consultation. There is no obligation and we only recover fees if we win your case.