The Six Most Common Causes of House Fires

There are a number of things that can lead to a fire breaking out in your home. Aside from the devastation and loss of personal property and possessions house fires have a high death rate associated with them as well. In order to keep you and your family as safe as possible and to protect your home against fire damage, here are six of the most common causes of house fires that you need to be aware of. Knowing what increases your risk will help you avoid these factors and reduce your risk so you can keep your family safe and protect them from a wrongful death!

  1. Cooking Equipment
    Pots and pans are made to resist heat but even the best pan and cookware has a limit. They can catch fire very easily due to overheating or if the cook gets distracted and lets something dry out or burn in the pan. Grease and oil ae the worst culprits for kitchen fires. Always stay in the kitchen while cooking or ask someone to keep an eye on things if you have to step away for more than a minute. These are easy steps you can take to protect your home against fire damage!
  2. Heating
    In the cold winter months, heaters are the biggest cause for house fires because many homeowners misuse them or place them in unsafe locations in the home. Many things in the home can easily catch fire – furniture, carpets, curtains, clothes, bedding, and even yourself. Keep portable heaters at least three to four feet away from any fabrics or flammable materials and never sleep with portable heaters on. If you have a furnace, keep up with repairs and maintenance so it is working properly before the winter season hits. This is one of the most common causes of house fires for the winter season so be prepared!
  3. Smoking in bedrooms
    Never smoke in the bedroom and never ever smoke while lying in bed! A cigarette that isn’t extinguished fully can cause a flame because the embers in the butt of the cigarette can still burn hot for hours. It could ignite if it comes into contact with flammable materials like bedding, clothes, carpets, or furniture. More than half of all housefires are believed to be caused by smoking whether from cigarette butts and cigars burning after being used or from accidents with lighters.
  4. Electrical Equipment
    The many electrical appliances in our home make life easier but even something as simple as the toaster can start a fire if it is damaged or if the power cord is damaged. A power outlet in the wall that is overloaded from too many appliances being plugged in and used at the same time can cause a fire from an overuse of electricity. An extension cord can also be a fire hazard if not used appropriately. This is why it is so important to read the warning and care labels on your appliances to ensure you are using them correctly. Misuse of appliances or use of damaged appliances is one of the most common causes of house fires today.
  5. Candles
    Candles are a common sight in many homes today and while they look and smell pretty they can pose a major threat to your home if they are ever left unattended. A house fire can easily start from a candle that tips over or from one that is too close to curtains or other flammable materials. Keep candles away from any obviously flammable items such as books and tissue boxes. Never leave a room for more than a minute or two without blowing out the candles. Never sleep with candles lit and keep them away from pets and children as they can easily be knocked over. Protect your home against fire damage by being smart when you use any type of candle!
  6. Curious Children
    Children are by nature curious about the world around them and how things work and it is common for children to be fascinated by fire and its power. Many children have been known to play with matches and lighters because of this fascination with fire and what can burn and what it looks like. It is critical to talk to your children from an early age about the dangers of fire and that we never play with fire or use matches without an adult’s permission. Make sure smoke detectors are installed in every room of your home and that children know the rules for escaping a fire, including the stop, drop, and roll safety measure.

There are few things more devastating than a house fire, so do your part to keep your family safe and avoid these common hazards as much as possible! Today we have looked at some of the common causes of house fires and now you know what to be on the lookout for in your home. You can protect your home against fire damage, so get started today!