Children Not Safe In Osprey Backpacks



Osprey is a Backpacking/Hiking gear manufacturer based in Cortez, Colorado. Their products range from backpacks to duffel bags and suitcases, even baby wearing gear. These specially designed backpacks can allow adventurous parents the opportunity to share the great outdoors with their children. Hiking is an exciting outdoor activity, that, when introduced to your children, can help them promote a healthy lifestyle and also give the parents a chance to “cut the cord” and experience life away from the ever-encroaching presence of technology in our daily lives.

Creating a bag of this nature presents several unique challenges, first and foremost of which should be child safety. The Osprey company recently issued a voluntary recall on their Poco, Poco Plus, and Poco Premium child carriers manufactured for sale between January, 2012 through December, 2014 due to concerns and risk of a fall hazard through the leg openings of the carrier.

Detailed Recall Information

These Poco backpacks were released in three colors: “Romper Red,” “Koala Grey,” and “Bouncing Blue.” They have a gray padded child’s seat inside and were made with metal frame construction.

The production date is stamped on a black label on the inside of the large lower compartment on the back of the carrier.

The relevant production date codes include S12SBPR1, S12SBPR1B, S12SBPR2, S12SBPR3, S12SBPR4, F12SBPR1, F12SBPR2, S13SB IPO, S13SBPR1, S13SBPR2, S13SBPR3, S13SBPR4, F13SBPR1, F13SBPR2, F13SBPR3, S14SBPR1, S14SBPR2, S14SBPR3, S14SBPR4, S14SBPR5.

“Osprey” is printed on the fabric above the kick stand. The model name is printed on the back at the bottom of the carrier.


If you own one of these defective devices, you should stop using it right away and speak to a qualified professional who can ensure you and your children are protected from faulty products and the manufacturers that push them out to market.

Your children deserve the safety and protection of a quality product engineered to keep them safe during such strenuous activities.

If your child has been injured by using this defective product, you may be eligible for compensation. Please contact one of the experienced product litigation attorneys at Napoli Shkolnik PLLC today.