Back to school after the summer: School risks and dangers 

As the summer winds down for kids all across the country that time of the year has come- time to prepare for the return to school. For most it means new classes, new teachers, new friends, and new things to learn. For first time students it is a time of great wonder and excitement and for their parents it is an odd mix of pride and fear. Even parents who had done this before will admit that they fear for their child’s safety while at school. As everyone prepares for the back too school rush, here are some things to keep in mind to keep your kids safe. There are many risks and dangers lurking at school, just as with any public access area, but when you know what might happen you can take steps to avoid them and minimize the threat.

Bus Accidents
We hear about them on the news and while they are often terrible accidents, they are not as common as they seem. When you consider how many busses are on the road in our area every single school day, the rate of accidents is actually extremely low. It is important that your child knows how to stay safe on the bus, that they have to listen to the bus driver, and that they know what to do in an emergency. Together you and your child can make sure they are safe on the bus this school year.

Pedestrian Injuries
Many children live close enough to their school of choice that they can walk to and from school each day. This is especially common in larger cities. It is important that your children know the rules of the road and follow all laws while walking to and from school. They should always cross at crosswalks and try to cross only where a crossing guard is present. If possible, they should also walk as much of the way as they can with someone else so they are not walking alone.

Slips and Falls
These accidents are common everywhere and they can happen even in the protected area of a school. Slip and falls can occur for a number of reasons the most common being wet or slippery floors, tripping over cords, loos floor boards and spacers, and stumbling over items left in hallways and classroom floors. Injuries are usually minor but serious injury can occur in some cases so make sure your child knows to always watch where they are going and where they are walking.

Faulty Equipment
Sometimes an injury can occur on school grounds because of faulty equipment. Gym equipment can malfunction and other equipment and devices used in a regular bass can malfunction r break and cause injury as a result. Thankfully these types of injuries are not common at all and most of the time the tools and equipment used to teach our children work as they are supposed to.  When things go wrong though injuries can often result.

Playground Injuries
Recess is a time of fun and excitement for most kids. It is a chance to run around and burn off energy and enjoy the great outdoors. However, accident can happen while on the playground. Falls are the most common cause for injury as kids have ben known to fall from slides, swings, and jungle gyms. Usually the injury is minor but at times more serious injuries like broken bones or a concussion can happen because of a playground fall.

Weather Related Injuries
In many parts of the country weather can have a big impact on the daily school routine. Storms, heavy rains, highs snow falls, tornadoes and the like can all present a major safety risk when kids are at school when the weather starts to turn foul. It is important to talk to school officials about emergency plans so you and your child know what to do or expect when the weather turns foul. That way you all can stay safe until the bad weather passes.

Personal Illness Instances
Most kids will end up getting sick while at school at some point and time. Most of the time it is minor and requires only a few days at home to rest. However, for kids with serious health conditions or known allergies and disorders, an illness at school could be a big problem. Make sure your child knows what to do if they start having a medical emergency at school and make sure the teachers and officials also know about your child’s condition.

Negligence and Abuse
Though thankfully still very rare it is happening more and more often than it was a few decades ago. If you suspect you child is being hurt, abused, molested, or otherwise harmed at school by a teacher or staff it is imperative that you speak to officials at the school right away. If you are not given a satisfied answer and you feel they are not doing enough to protect your child and other children you need to contact local law enforcement officials to see what needs to be done.

To learn more about ways you can keep your child safe as they return to school this year and to see what options you have when things go wrong, give us a call. We are here to help answer any questions you may have and to help you determine what the best course of action will be for your situation.