Being involved in an automobile accident can happen in the blink of an eye and can change your life and the lives of your loved ones drastically for years to come. This was certainly true in one of the firm’s recent personal injury cases.

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The ability to help a client, often at a time when they need it most and have nowhere else to turn, is ultimately rewarding.

– Marie Napoli

From the beginning, it was clear that our client was in physical, emotional and mental pain as a result of the accident that had occurred in the fall of 2013.

“His list of injuries was extensive, exacerbated by the fact that he was recovering from a previous surgery at the time of the accident” says Kristina Georgiou, one of the personal injury associates who worked on the case from Day One. “I cannot even imagine the level of pain he continues to endure to this day.”

He had been driving in mid-town Manhattan when he was rear-ended by a taxi while stopped at a red light. A few moments later, our client was violently jolted a second time when a SUV rear-ended the taxi.

Our client was initially taken to Bellevue Hospital Center by ambulance before being transferred to another hospital. His hospitalization lasted a total of five days.

Ultimately, spinal surgery was necessary to fuse his spine at the L4-5 level. The accident had also aggravated pre-existing conditions in the spine’s cervical and lumbar regions which required revision surgery. These were just the first in a total of five spine-related surgeries that our client would have to endure.

Each procedure came with the typical risks associated with surgery. After each operation our client underwent demanding physical therapy, follow up appointments and the knowledge that he would be on pain medications for the rest of his life. He needs ongoing psychological treatment.

“The reality was that he knew that there was another surgery on the horizon,” says Joseph Napoli, the Partner leading the legal team. “He was still in recovery when he and his family had to start preparing for another trip to the hospital.”

To this day, our client suffers from residual pain, including depression, paralysis of the front part of his foot, and other debilitating side effects. Due to the nature of the injuries and their long-term effects, he will need orthopedic and adaptive equipment for life.

No longer able to work, his family has to help him with even the most basic of activities, including bathing and dressing. This caused additional stress as he and his wife are the primary caregivers for their young son who is disabled and requires ongoing attention as well.

“Of course, you want to do your job as a lawyer and everyone was happy with the financial outcome,” observes Ms. Georgiou. “We are close with the family and we know that their road to recovery is uphill. Your heart really goes out to them.”


Our personal injury team obtained a $4.1 Million Mediation Settlement for our client and his family.

This case was featured in the September 17, 2018 issue of The New York Law Journal and was selected for inclusion in New York Magazine’s “2018 Leading Personal Injury and Top Verdicts and Settlements” section.

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