Personal Injury Lawyer What to Look For & Is One Needed?

Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury lawyers are experts in the legal field who have their primary focus on representing people who have been injured in some way through no real fault of their own.

They provide an important connection between the legal support of law proceedings and individuals whose lives have been turned upside down due to an injury.

Dealing with everything on your own can be overwhelming. There is a lot that has to be done in order to recover and the process can be long, hard, painful, and expensive.

And worst of all, most personal injury cases occur out of the blue with no warnings or indications that something is about to go wrong.

Living after an injury can mean permanent changes that affect every aspect of your life and the lives of your loved ones. At times like these, you need to know your rights and have an experienced personal injury lawyer on your side.

This is where getting the right personal injury attorney can make all the difference in the world.

What Exactly is a Personal Injury Case? 

To understand what you need to look for when choosing a personal injury attorney to represent you, it is important to have a good understanding of what a personal injury case is.

These special classes of cases are legal disputes come as the result of someone being injured in some way due to the actions or inactions of someone else.

This type of injury case is often decided in a court hearing where the plaintiff and defendant present their cases and a judge rules who was at fault for the injury.

Unlike the most well-known of all court case types- criminal cases- a personal injury case is based on a case of one individual against another individual.

The purpose of a personal injury lawsuit is to determine what happened and if the plaintiff truly was injured by the actions or inactions of the defendant and if so, what compensation they deserve for their injuries.

Someone tripping over a floor rug in someone’s house and falling,  an individual slipping and falling on the sidewalk outside a business that had allowed it to get moldy and slippery, and a neighbor’s dog gets out and bites someone who was walking down the street are all cases that could be brought to court under a personal injury claim.

What to Look for in a Personal Injury Attorney

With any legal case it is important to find an attorney who works well with you and who can represent you well in court.

But for a personal injury case, it is even more critical that you have the right person in your corner. To make your search easier, here are five key things a good personal injury attorney will have:

  • Ample Experience- the longer your attorney has been practicing law and the more case similar to yours that they have won, the better the chances are that you will get a favorable ruling for your individual case.
  • Right Motivation- some attorneys are in it for the money and others truly do care about their clients and the cases that they take on, so make sure you find someone who see you as a person not just a number.
  • Adequate Funding- personal injury cases can be long and drawn out proceedings so your legal team needs to have the financial backing and power to be in it for the long-haul if necessary, in order to win.
  • Good Communication- in any legal case, you want to be able to communicate openly and easily with your legal team, so be sure you find an attorney who never acts like questions are a pain or you are a bother.
  • Perfect Personality- and finally, you will be working closely with your attorney and they will be assisting you with something that can have a huge impact on your life so you must feel comfortable and confident with them.

Can an Attorney Help With Statute of Limitations? 

Many people know the term- statute of limitations- but not many people at all know what it means or the impact it can have in a legal case.

This aspect of your case is an important part of all personal injury cases that make it the court room.

Plaintiffs have a limited time frame in which they can voice their wish to file a lawsuit,  and this is referred to as the statute of limitations.

Basically, this is a set amount of time that is allowed to pass between when the injury weas first sustained and when the plantiff is able to still bring charges against the defendant in a court of law.

Statutes of limitations are established by each individual states’ regulations and can vary based on the state the injury took place in the type of injury sustained, how bad the injury was, and other factors each state sets up in their unique guidelines.

Some states have longer statutes of limitations for rape cases and others may have shorter time periods for on-site injury claims, and even another time table for negligence claims.

Having a skilled and experienced personal injury attorney is key to knowing if you are within the statute of limitations for your individual case!

When You Need a Personal Injury Attorney

There are many cases where personal injury lawyer can provide much-needed assistance:

Auto Injury- some of the most common automotive type cases are personal injury claims

Slip/Fall Accidents- the highest cited injury on insurances policies and on court papers
Dog Bites/Attack- tragic cases usually involving young or old victims

Boating Accidents- local attorneys will be essential to handle this complicated injury class
ATV Injuries- negligence and poor decision-making play into this type of injury heavily

Bicycle/Pedestrian Accidents- a good law firm will have experience with this sort of case
Swimming Related Accidents -accidental drownings and water related injuries are common Farming Accidents- equipment and livestock injuries need an experienced attorney

Faulty Products Liability Claims- business related claims take special care and attention
Baby/Minors Injuries -any case involving children has to have expert care and handling

Many personal injury claims involve sever bodily injury that result in any of the following:

Catastrophic Injuries- due to the injuries sustained, life-long changes are experienced. Brain Injury- commonly seen in slip and fall and auto related accidents.

Spinal Cord Injury -work injuries, violent crimes, and auto accidents often cause these

Chronic Pain- common life-ling symptoms that comes from injuries sustained

Getting the Help You Need

If you are preparing a personal injury case to bring before a judge, or if you are wondering whether or not you have a case for a personal injury claim, it is important that you find an attorney that can represent you properly.

Our team of legal experts have the experience, motivation, financial backing, communication powers, and personality that you want and need for your case.

Contact us today to learn more and to see how our team can help you with your personal injury case and what difference we can make for you as you prepare your case and fight for the compensation you deserve.

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