Marie Napoli on Fox Business News

Marie Napoli was asked to appear on Fox Business Countdown Closing Bell with Liz Claman to discuss the Mall of America Black Lives Matter protest, at which many business operations were disrupted by a large group of protesters.

Hundreds of protesters shut down shops, light-rail trains and visitors into the airport, making a rolling wave of disturbance on one of their busiest travel and shopping days of this year.

Organizers with Black Lives Matter Minneapolis had announced plans to protest in the Mall of America because they did before Christmas one year past, but they enlarged the protest past the mall, reverted into smaller groups to take over many light-rail channels and Minneapolis-St.

Multiple law enforcement agencies showed up in full force, ushering protesters away from roadways to and from the airport terminals, patrolling light-rail channels and shutting down security checkpoints at Terminal 2 (Humphrey) if protesters attempted to get the protected place on the day before Christmas Eve.

There were over 100 officers in the Mall of America alone, largely from the Bloomington Police Department.

“We realized exactly what we came here to reach — we wanted to close down the street, closed the airport down and show solidarity with other Black Lives Matter groups,” explained one of the demonstration organizers.

While the widespread protests delivered authorities, Metro Transit and airport leaders attempting to react to this ever-shifting disruptions, the answer from either side remained relatively calm. There were no reports of accidents or property damage.

In this appearance on Fox Business News, Marie stated that she would side with the business owners who had their businesses disrupted by the interruption and harassment of these protesters.

A Black Lives Issue protest in the mall last December attracted an estimated 2,000 to 3,000 individuals and finished with 25 arrests.

Back in November, a judge dismissed charges of unlawful assembly and helping trespass against 11 Black Lives Matter organizers, but retained set trespass charges against 17 human protesters and said no set owns a constitutional right to governmental protest within the objection of the mall’s own personal ownership and direction.

This season, the mall hunted to create Black Lives Matter Minneapolis take down social-media messages concerning the demonstration, but a judge refused that request Tuesday. From the 29-page sequence, Hennepin County Judge Karen Janisch fortified the mall right to remove protesters out of its personal property. However, Janisch declined to pub Black Lives Matter in the mall, since the mall could not prove that the band proved to be a legal thing capable of becoming a part of a lawful action.

Janisch consented to the mall’s petition to prohibit Black Lives Issue activists Miski Noor, Michael McDowell and Kandace Montgomery from showing on mall property.

Activists claim he had been handcuffed when he was captured, an assertion denied by police officers.

View the strong legal commentary given by Marie Napoli here.