Marie Napoli on FoxNews – Comey and Gorsuch

Marie Napoli was invited to join the Strategy Room with Julie Banderas on to discuss FBI Director James Comey’s testimony before Congress.

Mr. Comey has stated that in July 2016 the FBI began an investigation into whether or not members of the Trump Campaign colluded with Russia to influence the 2016 Election. Mr. Comey also stated that no evidence of collusion has been found.

Host Julie Banderas asks Marie Napoli why this investigation is only coming to light now, after the election. Ms. Napoli responded, “that is the question everyone is asking.” During the election, the investigation into candidate Hillary Clinton’s email use was re-opened and many feel that this cost her the election. Ms. Napoli goes on to say that the timing is questionable and makes people wonder if Director Comey is ‘playing favorites’.

It is unusual that Mr. Comey interjected himself into an already heated and highly charged election and political atmosphere. Typically law enforcement wait until after an investigation is complete to comment as not to hamper it in any way. Additionally it would seem that any alleged evidence is coming from the media, as some have seen as meddling in a presidential election.

Marie mentions that there must be multiple leaks within the FBI and the Trump Administration but ultimately says that by testifying Mr. Comey wants to demonstrate that there is a balance of powers and does not want to appear one-sided, which “is a good thing.”

No criminal charges have been filed, and most doubt any ever will be.

Neil Gorsuch faces day two of confirmation hearings

A question that is swirling in many people’s minds is whether or not Mr. Gorsuch will display any favoritism towards President Trump on issues such as enhanced interrogation or the administration’s travel ban. Marie points out that it is no surprise that a Republican president would nominate a conservative candidate but that she feels that Mr. Gorsuch will not legislate. Instead Marie thinks that Neil Gorsuch will interpret the law, in a conservative manner, but will not be influenced as a Supreme Court Justice. In fact, she goes on to say that she believes Mr. Gorsuch belives in the balance of powers and will hold strongly to that.

Both the hosts and legal guests, including Marie Napoli believe that Mr. Gorsuch is well-liked by both side, has the necessary academic and professional qualifications and will be confirmed. In closing the segment, it was mentioned Mr. Gorsuch could surprise everyone and end up being more liberal than anyone anticipated.