Hunter Shkolnik Invited Back On PrimeTime Justice

Hunter Shkolnik on PrimeTime Justice

Hunter Shkolnik was invited to appear on PrimeTime Justice Live with Ashleigh Banfield again to provide his legal insight on a range of current events and legal issues.

Walmart Shooting: Armed Customer Shoots, Kills Alleged Shoplifter
A customer wants to help out what he thought was a shoplifting in progress occurring in the parking lot of a Walmart. The customer then begins to feel threatened when the shoplifter reached for something and pulls out a gun and shot the shoplifter as well as a teenage girl who was inside the suspect’s car. She sustained a gunshot wound to the leg while the suspect later died.

Ashleigh Banfield wanted to know about the charges involved: felony murder since the suspect died during the commission of a felony? How would the girl, presumably the “getaway driver” be charged?

Hunter points out that it all has to start at the beginning, which was that the suspects were at Walmart stealing diapers, which in itself is most likely not a felony. How much were the diapers and how many were they stealing? Before you can charge felony murder, you have to make sure a felony was committed.

Britney Spears’ Niece Injured After Driving Into Pond
This segment involves Britney Spears’ eight year old niece who was involved in an ATV accident.  Maddie was driving the ATV, tried to manuever it and the all terrain vehicle turned over and she became trapped, underwater in a pond. She was caught in the ATV’s netting and seat belt and spend quite some time submerged. Driving ATVs is a popular, albeit potentially dangerous past time and they say that children under the age of ten should not operate them but ultimately it is up to the parents to make that decision. The question Ashleigh Banfield posed was, “Is that enough?”

Hunter said that it is not enough, that there should be proper warnings. They know that children under the age of ten are not capable of understanding the danger of these devices and they should not operate them.

As of right now, Maddie is awake and talking and we wish her all the best.

Tom Brady’s Stolen Super Bowl Game Jersey
The mystery after the 51st Super Bowl: Tom Brady’s winning #12 game jersey has vanished!

This NFL Hall of Fame piece could be worth up to $400,000 on the open market and no one knows where it is. The Texas Rangers (not the baseball team!) have been brought in to join the search for the MVP jersey.

As Hunter put it, “there’s a market for anything.”

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