Ben Crump Supports Flint Bone Lead Testing Program

The Flint Water Crisis devastated the community for six years after the City of Flint switched to a new water source as a money-saving measure. Officials failed to treat the water to avoid lead in the pipes from contaminating the water and families were exposed to dangerous levels of lead. This exposure is especially detrimental to children, potentially resulting in many serious health conditions, including neurological and developmental delays.

From the onset, Ben Crump supported the need for the implementation of a safe and reliable lead testing program since lead dissipates from the body very soon after exposure. After extensive research, Napoli Shkolnik and Ben Crump discovered Harvard PHD and New York University pediatricians who have committed their lives to childhood lead exposure and associated health effects.

Ben Crump recognized the importance of the Flint Bone Lead Testing Program as it is a proven and effective mechanism for residents to learn the true degree of their exposure years later. The test can also be used at trial and provides a path towards fair compensation.

Peer reviewed research and tests have shown that the XRF scan process is safe and not harmful to humans. In fact, individuals, including children and pregnant women, receive more exposure from a dental x-ray or by walking through a TSA metal detector at an airport than from a one-centimeter location with the XRF.

Ben Crump and Napoli Shkolnik continue to fight for justice for Flint residents. They continue to combat false information regarding the Bone Lead Testing Program as they litigate against the true bad actors, the defendants.


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