TikTok ‘Blackout Challenge’ Lawsuits

August 5, 2022

An 8- year girl from Texas and a 9-year old girl from Wisconsin died after participating in TikTok's 'blackout challenge'. Now their families are suing the social media giant. Partner Hunter Shkolnik discusses the lawsuit on Fox Live Now. He says that large corporations usually try to use the Communication Decency Act as a defense, stating that theirs is just a platform and others are doing it. But Hunter points out that the platform has a defective design and an addictive product that is not safe for users, especially children. Algorithms are designed to focus on children and their weaknesses. And the deaths of these two young girls is the result. He believes we are at the "cutting edge of these lawsuits" and predicts that there are more coming. As Hunter explains, this is not an instance of parents doing something wrong, this is a company going against their own community guidelines and promoting a dangerous challenge to children. As Hunter says, a clear message must be sent to companies like TikTok, "Stop this conduct."