$525,000 Settlement

Medical Malpractice

This was reached on behalf of the family of a Queens man who passed away due to a post surgical hematoma of the neck.

Our clients, the family of a Queens man, brought this action following his death after a simple dialysis shunt procedure.  After undergoing the procedure to attempt to place a shunt in his neck, the decedent began to develop a hematoma.

Despite clear and documented signs that this hematoma continued to grow over night, little was done to prevent its growth and protect this man’s airway.  As it continued to grow, he began to suffocate, which eventually led to his death.  Unfortunately, the Queens Hospital which was  partially responsible for the malpractice filed for bankruptcy and closed.  However, we successfully defeated the motion to dismiss of the other remaining non-employee defendants.  After defeating the motion to dismiss, on the eve of trial, the case was settled for significantly more than the initial offer.

CATEGORY: Medical Malpractice