Uber Lawsuit Granted Class-Action Certification

February 21, 2018

Thousands of drivers across the United States could be eligible to opt into the litigation so long as they didn’t sign an arbitration agreement with the San Francisco-based ride aggregator.

A year and a half ago, Uber made an important change to its pricing system. In August 2016, the app introduced “upfront pricing” – a feature providing passengers with a total before ever booking an Uber.

Plaintiffs in the fresh class-action accuse Uber of stealing their wages after the feature’s implementation. They claim that, after “upfronting pricing” became a standard feature, Uber increased its fares.

Paul B. Maslo, partner at the Napoli Shkolnik law firm and lead counsel for the drivers, said an estimated 4,600 Uber contractors may meet all the criteria. The figure is derived from Uber’s own data, tailored to show individual rides taken by drivers who’d opted out of arbitration.

“Without this decision,” he said, “it would have likely been the end of the road for drivers seeking to recover from Uber’s breach.”

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