Hill Harper Speaks at Newburgh Water Contamination Meeting

July 2, 2018

Source: Hudson Valley Press

“If you have lived here in Newburgh, you have been exposed.” That’s what activist and actor Hill Harper had to say at a recent Newburgh, NY meeting.

Harper, who in addition to having a Harvard Law Degree is also deeply involved in and passionate about environmental issues, particularly those that affect all populations, was urging folks in attendance to sign up with a firm he was representing, Napoli Shkolnik PLLC in Manhattan; however, despite which attorneys anyone chose, Harper was more concerned with those affected getting actively involved with any lawyer due to the severity and extensiveness of the issue.

Harper carefully led the group through the process that will soon be unraveling once the lawsuit is in motion. Conducting a quick question and answer forum, he  had the two representing lawyers provide as much detail as they could. One query was, “What can I expect from a lawsuit?” The answer from lawyer Patrick Lanciotti, “Quality representation, and people who will move aggressively on your behalf.”

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